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We endeavour to use our best local suppliers.


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Fresh, local ingredients

Vicars Game

Vicars Game

Well known and trusted local supplier used by restaurants and individuals alike providing fresh, high quality meat.

Visit Vicars Game website.

Fisher of Newbury Logo

Fisher of Newbury

Local family run, huge selection of quality fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from Covent Garden Market.

Visit Fisher of Newbury website.

West Berkshire Brewery Logo

West Berkshire Brewery

Very popular local draft ales.

Visit West Berkshire Brewery website.

Wallingford Wines logo

Wallingford Wines

Sourcing a fine range of whites, reds and champagnes which we use to create our varied wine list.

Visit Wallingford Wines website.

Beechwood Eggs Hens

Beechwood Eggs

Beechwood Eggs are an amazing local supplier to many local businesses including ours. They provide the best local free range eggs fresh from just down the road in Hamstead Norreys as they have been doing for the past 50 years.

Visit Beechwood website.